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When your crush doesn’t care about you….

As the sun cast its warm embrace upon the day, I couldn’t help but feel a flutter of excitement in my chest. Today was the day of our school sports meet, an event I had eagerly anticipated for weeks. But more than the thrill of competition, it was the possibility of seeing her filled me with both anticipation and nervousness.

Rumors had circulated that she, my crush, would be attending the sports meet. My heart skipped a beat at the mere thought of her presence, igniting a spark of hope within me. I longed for just a glimpse of her radiant smile, a chance to exchange a few words, and perhaps, if fate allowed, to share a moment together.

However, reality had a cruel twist in store for me. As the evening approached, I found myself grappling with a dilemma. Despite my fervent desire to attend, financial constraints threatened to dash my hopes. I was thinking the whole morning about how I could find some money. then I  ran to a friend and said the exact situation that I currently faced and borrowed some money that I needed to make it to the sports meet.

With a bag full of hopes slung over my shoulder, I made my way to the event, each step weighed down by anticipation and anxiety. The air crackled with excitement as crowds gathered, cheers echoing through the stadium. But amidst the bustling atmosphere, my eyes searched desperately for her familiar figure.

Finally, I spotted her, She stood amidst the throng of spectators like a radiant goddess, her presence captivating all who dared to glance her way. With every movement, she exuded an effortless grace, her every step a dance of elegance. Her eyes, pools of endless depth, held a magnetic allure, drawing others into their mesmerizing gaze. Soft tendrils of hair framed her face, catching the sunlight in a halo of golden strands. A smile, so enchanting, graced her lips, illuminating her features with a warmth that rivaled the sun itself. In her presence, time seemed to stand still, as if the world itself paused to admire her beauty. She was a vision of perfection, a beacon of light in a sea of faces, and at that moment, I was utterly captivated by her charm. My heart raced as I approached, summoning every ounce of courage within me. But as I tried to speak, to capture her attention, she remained oblivious to my presence. Her gaze never faltered from the field, her laughter mingling with the cheers of the crowd. I tried so many times to convince her but, Nothing worked.

At that moment, my world came crashing down around me. The pain was visceral, a crushing weight upon my chest that threatened to suffocate me. How could she not see me? How could she not care?

Each ignored attempt at conversation was a dagger to my already wounded heart. The hope that had buoyed me evaporated like mist in the morning sun, leaving behind only a hollow ache.

As the sports meet drew to a close and the crowds began to disperse, I remained rooted to the spot, lost in a sea of emotions. The once sunny day now felt shrouded in darkness, a stark reminder of unrequited longing.

With a heavy heart and shattered dreams, I turned away, carrying the weight of rejection with each step. But even in the depths of despair, a glimmer of resilience flickered within me. For though my heart may have been broken, I vowed to endure, to rise above the pain, and find solace in the promise of a new day.



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